We love sharing our message before audiences large and small. Our empowering talks are positive, fresh and filled with humor and positive energy. We love making people laugh as we drive home great truth.

We have traveled the world and trained people on five continents. Our audiences vary from business leaders to church leaders to mission events. We have spoken to groups ranging in the thousands down to a handful of people gathered for retreats.

This is about Boomers and Millennials learning to work together. Listening, paying attention and respecting each other. Our talks are about two peoples? journey of passion, success, and leadership coexisting with baby boomers and the millennial generations.

We both like to ?put the cookies on the lower shelf? and help Boomers and Millennials work well together.

We address these topics in our ?Millennial Boom? talks:

Lay aside condemnation and try a hand a collaboration!

Learn to grasp the knowledge of Baby Boomers and Millennials

Getting along in the workplace?actually thriving together with respect.

Understand the difference between the generations and identifying workable solutions.

How Baby Boomers and Millennials can agree to disagree.

How Baby Boomers and Millennials adapt and learn in the growing technological world today.