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In meetings all over America, Millennials and Boomers are trying to work together despite their massive differences.
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She might be smiling on the outside, but inside she is very tired of dealing with her Baby Boomer boss.
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Millennials are booming and now outnumber the Boomer generation. But Boomers are not going away any time soon from the workplace.
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Let us help you learn about how Boomers and Millennials can actually learn to respect each other!
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A New Book By Hans Finzel and Patrick Kelly

Sparks are flying every day in workplaces, government, education, clubs and churches between these two generations. Is there a way for Millennials and Boomers to actually thrive together in life and work?not just lob insulting judgments at one another? We believe there is. Patrick in his early 30?s and Hans in his mid 60?s explore the ins and outs of why there is so much tension between these two generations and how we can learn to respect each other. We are passionate about inspiring our two generations to lay aside condemnation and instead crawl into the head of one another and learn to respect each other.

We have chosen to focus our discussion on these two massive generations of Millennials (78 Million) and Boomers (82 million). But Builders and Gen X?ers can glean a lot from our advice as well.


Patrick? Biography

Patrick Kelly is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and strategist in the produce supply chain industry. For more than 15 years Patrick has been dedicated to growing better supply chains for produce partners around the world. He was awarded the Produce Business Journal?s class of 2015?s, Young and Smart Leaders on the rise and Top 40 under 40. Patrick is a young entrepreneur committed to making better deals for growers. He has dedicated his work to learning and leading all generations to work and thrive together. Today he serves as an author, teacher and businessman in Florida.

Hans? Biography

Dr. Hans Finzel is a successful author, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. He has written eleven books, including his international bestseller ?The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make? (David C Cook). Having trained leaders on five continents in his career, his books have been translated into over twenty foreign languages. Today he serves as President of HDLeaders in Colorado and teaches and speaks globally on all things leadership.